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Jaydee Fitness is a new health and wellness organisation dedicated to exercising the Mind, Body and Soul.

Confident in our knowledge and passion, we pride ourselves on delivering a supportive platform through our Workshops which inspires positivity in everyday life.

Fitness Group


Using unique practices such as fitness classes and wellness activities suitable for all levels, we are able to; 

  • Help achieve mindfulness 

  • Improve physical fitness 

  • Encourage inner reflection

Two Girls Dancing


The Clearer Skies programme includes: 

  • Dance Fitness 

  • Strengthening & Toning 

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Activities


  • General Wellness & Fitness Support 

Women in Fitness Clothes


We provide trained and experienced instructors who have worked with a varied client base and are guaranteed to:

  • Improve body confidence

  •  Exercise the mind

  •  Activate the soul

If you would like Jaydee Fitness to deliver a tailored workshop for your company or organisation, we would love to hear from you.

Please send us your requirements.